venerdì 27 gennaio 2012


Eggplant's parmigiana is a passepartout dish. Everybody likes it. And when I say everybody I don't exceed.
Even  fussy children love it.
In its countless versions it is perfect for every occurrence, so it became my piece de resistance and I usually prepare enormous ones for birthdays, parties, every kind of meetings....and people is clearly moved and thanks...and asks... "who made those gorgeous aubergines?".Me, obviously! Saint parmigiana.
That's because Parmigiana is always good, it is delicious hot, cold, the day, I guess it's time to reveal how to make this delicious plate, and if you want to discover, also the other ones I prepare day by day for family and friends.

difficulty: medium
time: 40 minutes plus 20 in oven

what I need:
-1 aubergine (400grams)
-125 grams of mozzarella cheese
-70 grams of flour
-2 spoons of  grated parmesan cheese
-1 can of tomato pulp
-1garlic clove
-4 basil leaves
-1 spoon of brown sugar
-half spoon of olive oil
-300 ml frying oil
-salt and pepper

-2 ceramic ramekins
-a sharp knife
-a cutting board
-a skimmer or tongs as you prefer, to pick up fried slices
-a wooden spoon
-a garlic press
-a big bowl
-a dish (for flour)
-another dish (to put fried slices)
-kitchen paper
-a 24cm frying pan
-a small sautepan

Cut the aubergine in 0,5 cm slices with the sharp knife and put them in a bowl with a pinch of salt. In the meantime put the olive oil in the bigger pan with the smashed garlic and cook for a minute medium flame, mixing with the wooden spoon.... Watch out don't burn the garlic please! Then put tomato in the pan, mix and add sugar , a small spoon of salt and basil. Cook for 15 minutes medium flame mixing sometimes. When it's ready add some black pepper.
Preheat the oven 180°.
Pour frying oil in the smaller pan and heaten it... dry the aubergine slices with kitchen paper, pass them in flour and fry  in boiling oil for 2 minutes per side until they golden, then pick them up and dry them in kitchen paper. Put a spoon of tomato sauce in  the cocottes, then a slice of aubergine, then a layer of mozzarella cheese and go on four times. The last layer will be covered with parmesan cheese.
Cook the Parmigiana for 20 minutes until they golden in the topping. When they are warm decorate them with a fresh basil leave then serve!!!!!!!!

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