domenica 29 gennaio 2012


Today I woke up early even if it was saturday (the baby wakes me up at 7 with no problems!!she is the perfect alarmclock) and after breakfast I instantly got down to work... in the afternoon we would have gone to a rugby match with our son and I wanted to prepare a mountain of meatballs to give some verve to our guys.
In the meantime I thought, why not, I could also think about a videorecipe so I made up a little bit and started.
So, the result is that in the videorecipe I made four beautiful big meatballs and then.....other 3 chilograms of dough in balls as big as olives....a mountain!
Children freaked out for this delicious snack and everybody was wandering asking "who made this??that's delicious! " wowowowow!
Children's compliments are always true so it's double score!! 3 chilograms of meatballs disapperaed in a sec.
So, let's see how I did this miracle!!!!


difficulty: easy
time: 30 minutes plus 10 for frying

for 2 people (you can expand the doses as you want...for 100 people too!)

what i need:
-400 grams of fine chopped meat (beef and chicken)
-70 grams of Mortadella (bologna)
-30 grams of bread crumbs plus other 50 to bread the meatballs)
-1 egg plus another one to bread the meatballs
-30 grams grounded parmigiano cheese
-1 garlic clove
-a handful of parsley
-salt and pepper
-500ml frying oil

-a big  mixing bowl

-a kitchen knife
-a cutting board
-a garlic press
-a dish
-two small cups, one for bread and the other for the egg

Soo...first of all finely chop Bologna and parsley togheter with the knife (or the mixer if yuou want to do faster but i think it's better to practice with the knife) then put it  in the mixing bowl together with  meat, smashed garlic,egg, cheese and  bread crumbles, a little bit of pepper and a small spoon of salt then mix well with your hands. When it's perfectly mixed form some balls big as golf ones. Beat the other egg in the cup with a pinch of salt and then pass the balls in it, then in breadcrums and repeat another time. Heat frying oil and when it's hot fry the meatballs until they golden. Olive size: 2 minutes: golf balls size: 5 minutes.

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